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Privacy Policy: is prepared by the global online users of free encyclopedia. Anyone can browse this website. in its run on the server needs to collect and store the required minimum amount of personal identifying information, to prevent this website was a certain degree of damage, to protect the normal operation of this website.

If the user at the time of registration to provide and confirm a valid email address, the registered user logs in to free create web pages, free edit and free upload images, in this case the user name will be exposed as an editor and a permanent record. If the user at the time of registration to provide and confirm a valid email address, other logged in users can send e-mail messages to registered users through this website. Private correspondence between the registered user by the users themselves are responsible for, is not within the scope of this privacy policy. If the user at the time of registration does not provide and confirm a valid email address, then these users to lose their password does not reset your password.

When registered users log on, the website will set a Cookie to maintain login status. If you put your username and password in the browser registered users, each time you visit this website, this information can be passed on to the server again. If you don't want to put your username and password in the browser, registered users should delete the Cookie after use. is committed to protect this website server and stored on a limited collection of user information security, and against the release of personal information can be determined, unless this website received a judicial order requesting or announcing involve the user identifiable user information. Although this website is committed to protecting user privacy information, but can not guarantee user privacy information will not be authorized without the malicious web spider and other tracking sites and others for acts of sabotage. Any resulting loss, this website and any person related to this website does not assume any legal liability. to the above privacy policy has the right to interpretation and amendment. You use will be considered on the entire contents of this privacy policy recognition.

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